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Material supply BOOST.Box

Digitize, automate, standardize and optimize the entire value chain in procurement, production and storage.

The BOOSTRACK system, consisting of hardware and the latest software developments such as IoT, M2M, sensor or ESM technology, enables you to ensure the supply of consumables such as PPE, tools, machines and C-products in production 24/7. 

Material supply BOOST.Box



Guaranteed to increase the efficiency of your procurement processes

Everything you need is in one platform: BOOSTRACK

Our goal is to optimize your procurement processes and increase the efficiency of the internal flow of materials. BOOSTRACK takes over routine tasks and processes from consumables and C-parts and provides a range of hardware and software solutions, dashboards, functions and automations. Inventory management, access control and the provision of the right data at their interfaces are made possible by BOOSTRACK - with low investment costs and high scalability at the same time.


Inexpensive and particularly easy to install


High scalability


It is suitable for almost every area of ​​application - whether digitizing small start-up projects or the entire value chain in procurement, production and storage



Digitization of processes in warehouse, logistics and purchasing




C-parts and consumption management

The networking of storage and logistics processes forms the basis for the fourth industrial revolution in modern C-parts management. BOOSTRACK has therefore set itself the goal of automatically and independently reordering C-parts in real time and at any location. The intelligent BOOST.Modules have different advantages for the user: Order initiation is automated and permanent data transmission and simple article recognition and authentication are made possible.

The inventory security and lower capital commitment, immediate recording of unscheduled requirements and direct job supply are also implemented. The self-sufficient and wireless BOOST.System does not require any customer-side network infrastructure, which enables easy commissioning without changing the processes.


Radically shortens procurement routes and times


The conversion to digital materials management can be subsidized by the state



BOOST.Sensor, IoT in materials management

Inventory monitoring through IoT

The BOOST.Sensor automatically records distances in containers. Not only for critical and difficult-to-access items, it also supports retrofitted inventory monitoring in KANBAN and storage shelves as well as marketplaces.

Dispensing machine consumables materials management BOOST.Tower

Dispensing machine for operating resources

Employees have access to a selection of frequently used products, tools and supplies around the clock. Stocking is easy to organize and transparent. The BOOST.Tower can be individually configured and used.

Material supply BOOST.Box

Material provision and recording

The decentralized material supply saves the long way to the warehouse. The versatile BOOST.Box is simply installed at the production site. Pre-pickup access is by authorization. The removal is cleverly counted.

Requirement request at the touch of a button

BOOST.Button automatically supplies inventory management with information such as where it is required, article number and quantity.
Digital ordering process in the ERP system, direct order to intralogistics or to the supplier. 

ESM server technology for materials management

The ESM server BOOST.Station is the base station for a large number of business processes. The Boost.Station facilitates registration via NFC/RFID, logs access, restricts access and notifies you by email.

Realize scanning processes by an APP

Thanks to the intuitive operation, all conventional scanning processes can be carried out and processes can be triggered in the preset workflow. The purchase of expensive barcode scanners and RFID solutions is no longer necessary. It is also possible to program the boost solution. 

Material supply BOOST.Box

Kanban - paperless and needs-based

The Kanban system is a decentralized, transparent and controlled storage rack system that can be used in combination with the BOOST.Box. BOOST.Kanban ensures 100% material replenishment, is paperless and is provided in three box sizes as required. 

e-shop for internal requirements

The intelligent networking of an electronic requirement, IT structures, e-catalogues and processes. With BOOST.Warehouse you create your own electronic marketplace for internal requests for production material, parts lists or services.

BOOST.Starter Kit

Your start in the BOOST.System

The future of your materials management begins with Boostrack. The perfectly thought-out digital modular system developed by us as experienced industry experts enables a completely new, 100% transparent overview, control and security of your entire material supply. With a bundle of fascinating benefits!


Easy entry into future-oriented inventory and procurement management

News and customer cases

Find out more about our customers' success stories and the latest news at BOOSTRACK.

Video call

Organize a virtual meeting with us to discuss the beginning of Digital Materials Management. We are looking forward to it! 

potential savings

The digitization of your materials management opens up numerous possibilities for you to save costs. We help you to find and implement this savings potential.


The digitization of your materials management is subsidized by the state. We take over the acquisition of funding for this. 


We work with a variety of industries and users

At a time when industries and markets are changing, where new trends are emerging and customer requirements are changing, BOOSTRACK is not only there, but always one step ahead. As experts in digital materials management, we are a reliable and at the same time innovative partner for our customers of all sizes and for every industry. With BOOSTRACK, organizations of any size, such as production companies, trades, medical companies, public institutions, Fulfillment centers, port companies etc., into the Smart Factory in a simple way and optimize their procurement processes with BOOSTRACK. 

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Discover news and customer cases

Whether as a beating heart in the midst of a heterogeneous system landscape at an automotive supplier, or as a lean, mobile warehouse for perfecting the provision of materials - materials management in the age of digitization has many faces. We describe where the journey with BOOSTRACK can go in our news and customer cases.

boost track


Optimal help in an emergency

“During the mandatory annual safety check of our 64 first-aid kits distributed in the factory, there were always discrepancies because the material that was removed was not refilled.

The biggest problem was that in the event of an accident at work, the necessary material would not have been included and optimal help could not have been provided.

By setting up BOOTS.Button, all first aid kits are properly filled. Control, replacement delivery and maintenance are taken over by BOOSTRACK, so that safety can be guaranteed at any time in the event of an accident."

Online catalog and optimization of C-parts management

“Sustainability, hand-made dough, natural ingredients and an authentic Italian taste experience are our top priorities as a frozen pizza producer. The implementation and optimization of our C-parts management reduces our CO2 footprint and is a huge relief because we can bundle many processes. This is significant added value.

Working with BOOSTRACK is always uncomplicated and, above all, familiar.”

Up to 80% savings

"As a supplier to the automotive industry and the world's leading manufacturer of brake pad technologies, the security of supply for consumables is essential.

With the BOOST.Virtual button we have an overview of all warehouse movements and stocks and orders are triggered automatically.

With BOOSTRACK, the materials are available directly at the production line and around the clock. Even when the magazine is closed. Every withdrawal is counted and the consumables are available for every authorized employee.

With the BOOSTRACK technology, our consumables are now directly in production, so that we save immense walking distances.”

Article management and warehouse management simple and efficient

"Since the introduction of electronic goods issue using seven BOOST.Tower dispensing machines, we have not only been able to record a 20% reduction in the consumption of stored materials, but also radically shorten and automate procurement paths and times. The BOOST.Tower also offers secure management of rental tools and equipment, such as measuring devices, laptops and other equipment using appropriate removal journals.


German Innovation Award Winner 2022

The interactive showroom "Procurement Future" of BOOSTRACK GmbH in Brühl, Rhineland, has been awarded the German Innovation Award 2022 in the category "Excellence in Business to Business - Retail & Trade Solutions". The prize is awarded annually to innovative companies that stand for sustainable and user-oriented projects and methods with future potential. The jury for the German Innovation Award consists of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science and finance. The entries are evaluated according to the criteria of innovation, user benefit and cost-effectiveness.

The BOOSTRACK GmbH showroom offers insights into the entire spectrum of digitization options for Industry 4.0. It is innovative, unique and forward-looking.



Make us your partner on the way to the digital future - and thus ensure your long-term success. We would be happy to advise you individually.


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German Innovation Award 2022 Winner: Showroom "The Future Procurement"