Our BOOST.Partner Schachermayer made the BOOSTRACK.System available to its customer Eidenberger Möbel in order to digitize the material supply and to improve the workflow and production flow.

Delivery bottlenecks, unreliable supply chains and high administrative costs for orders put a strain on valuable resources

Eidenberger Möbel previously had difficulties with delivery bottlenecks and unreliable supply chains, which led to a high effort in ordering and stocking materials. Due to supply problems and changes in production, the company decided to switch from semi-finished parts to full in-house production. This created a mess when ordering and warehousing, which cost a lot of time and nerves.

Measurable increase in efficiency through digital and supplier-independent material supply

As managing director Gerald Eidenberger via our BOOST.Partner Schachermayer came across the BOOSTRACK.System, he quickly recognized the potential for optimizing the ordering system and saving resources. After intensive consultation and consideration, the company decided on BOOSTRACK because it supplier-independent and could be specially adapted to the requirements of carpentry.

The system enables every employee to easily and independently order the materials they need and to access all suppliers. As a result, the company was able to take a big step towards increasing efficiency and the employees are enthusiastic about the new possibilities. The BOOSTRACK.System fits perfectly to the size of the company and helps everyone enormously in everyday life.


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